Compare field names in import file with fields of accounts or contacts form

After you have prepared your data for importing, compare field names in source file with the field names of the Accounts form.  This will ensure that all your column headers are present in the Accounts form.  If a column header is missing in the form you need to add them.  This will help you to import your data to Soffront CRM with the correct header row.

  • Before importing your data into Soffront Online check that all the fields of your source file have been mapped in the Soffront Online Accounts form.  If you want to have the field from your source field appear in the Accounts form, then you need to make sure that you have added them. The system goes through each and every column of the CSV or Excel source file and calculates the maximum available data length. The fields are created as per the maximum data length.

Field names in source file

All fields in the source file should be available on the Soffront Account Table

  • Use available custom fields to add extra fields into the form. Soffront CRM offers 45 text type custom fields (which can be used as text or list), 6 date type custom fields, 2 float type custom fields, 2 URL type custom fields and 3 integer type custom fields. Refer to “How to add custom fields in Accounts formif you need help editing the table. Please make sure that the Field label show Custom Field not a system field. While mapping please make sure that you map a text field with test, integer with integer, etc.


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